Craig's E-Meter Repair is top notch! The work, the service and delivery are superb - you get what you need and want - and then some!!!Go Craig, Go!Thanks again for all your help.-- Laurie Alexander, Cl. 6, OT 3X

Dear Craig,

I just wanted to let you know that since you replaced the dead batteries which my Mark VI originally had with the single longer lasting battery, it seems it hardly needs to be charged. I really appreciate the service work you gave my meter, the LOW price you charged and also the speed in which my meter was returned to me for auditing. It's working well!!
      Mike B.

Thanks for the fast turn around of my Mark VI. I like the new battery and no more black TA and time windows. My meter checks out like new. Good service,
good price and I'm a happy camper.
                                                                                                    --ARC,  Noel

Both of my Quantums were dead after not having been used for several years. Craig checked them out for me, replaced a couple of parts, including new batteries with longer lives than the originals, burnished all the cans, and returned the meters to me in standard working order. I was very pleased with the service. Craig delivered what he promised.                            --Tom M.


Hey Craig - thanks for doing this. It's quite exciting to get my meter ready to go again. It's been too long. I appreciate your discretion and independence - your services are invaluable to an independent field.                        K.M.

Hi Craig,
I just want to thank you for helping my friends with their meters. Everyone is very happy with what you did!           

Meter arrived today. It's as good as new. It's genuine havingness to have a working meter - it's arguably one of the most valuable pieces of MEST you can possess.
Thanks Craig, your service is very valuable.                  C.K.

Thank you for fixing my meter. I really appreciate the honest work at a tremendous value!   J.D.

Thank you Craig for being there, because without your support itcouldn't be possible to keep going...           your customer for life,  Rafael P.